Summer Knitting

August 30, 2017

The summer is coming to a close, without fail we get to the end of the summer before I’ve done even a quarter of what I planned. It holds true for my summer knitting as well as the kids summer bucket list. I am still working on a cowl that I started in the spring. I just have to do the bind off.

Gaptastic Cowl

I found this cowl pattern last year and knew exactly what yarn to use. I have been holding onto this beautiful yarn for a few years. Here is a little description on Ravelry about it, I have seen Wandering Wool at a few festivals and always look for Joelle’s stall. The cowl is a simple seed stitch and that works well for a highly contrasting yarn such as this.

Gap-tas-tic Cowl by Jen Geigley
Gap-tas-tic Cowl
Little bit of yarn remaining, it’s going to be close!

I have a very small amount of yarn left, I guesstimated how much I needed for a stretchy bind-off and them marked that spot. I then knit up to it and left it there, waiting to be finished. It’s going to have to wait with the beginning of school and knitting classes, not to mention all the other ridiculous things I have to do!

Do you knit during the summer? I feel that for me it is a cold weather sport. Perhaps it’s because I prefer knit items when the weather is cold. If you want some cool summer blouses and scarves, check out Summer knitting usually involves cotton or silk yarn and a very thin open stitch pattern like lace.

Goodbye Summer, see you next year!

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