April 3, 2019

What do you do with knots in your yarn? Silly question but it has to be asked…

In our house, I am known as the knot whisperer. Everyone comes to me when they have a knot or something else that they can’t undo. This is definitely a helpful skill when it comes to knitting, crocheting, weaving, or anything that requires a long thin fibrous thread like thing that tends to get wonky. Here is a recent knot:

Big knot at the beginning -
The knot at the beginning

Typical. Perhaps it happened at the bottom of the bag where everything kinds rubs together and practically felts itself together (thankfully the yarn in this photo shoot did not meet that fate). I’ve seen my kids just pull the ends and make everything tighten up and I come running and yelling to get them to stop. You need to be gentle and have patience. Two qualities that kids tend to lack. Sooooo, getting back to knotting. No, it is not a typo, knotting is the unfortunate, but rather easy skill of getting knots in ones fibers. (Just made it up, no idea if that term exists anywhere.)

What to do, what to do….

I like to find the ends first and then work my way from there. I take lots of breaks, I like to bring this kind of thing in the car so I can keep my hands busy without having to knit. It sure sucks to grow up, I can’t knit in the car because I get car sick! Here is the next level of unknottedness:

Biggish knot!
Still a knotty mess

It’s a little better. As the ends get longer, just start rolling them into a hand wound ball so that they don’t get back in the melee. Keep at it, you will get there eventually. See my ball winder in the back of the image, that is my goal, to get this bad boy back into a real, properly wound ball. I will knit from a hand wound ball, but I just don’t like it. I like to pull from the center so that the ball doesn’t jump around on the couch next to me or on the floor for my cats to chase. Most times I will keep my yarn in a small project bag, if you pull from the center, the yarn can just happily sit in the bag and not go nuts. If you pull from the outside edge, then the ball will try to hop around and get stuck on something in the bag.

Next up:

Getting wound on the ball winder -
Almost there, just one more hold out

On the home stretch

Last knot standing -
Little knot now!

Interesting how there is usually that little pill of fiber at the heart of the knot, maybe they are the fibers that just couldn’t get their act together and join the rest of the skein. The final product is all wrapped up neatly sitting on the shelf waiting to be used. I have a pattern in mind, Windsor Mitts by Blue Sky Alpacas (The Ravelry page is here). This yarn was a gift from my husband J on one of his work trips. It is from one of my favorite yarn dyers and one of my favorite yarn shops! This is ‘Shiruku’ Hand painted 4-ply fingering yarn from Miss Babs found at Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA. This was a few years ago, Miss Babs does not have it in stock anymore!

Have you ever had a knot so bad you wanted to pitch the whole skein? I know it hasn’t happened with yarn seeing as this yarn is pricey! I do know it has happened with Christmas lights!!!!

Have any ideas on how to calm yourself when this happens? Feel free to share!

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