How to Use Stitch Markers in Knitting

Stitch markers are a knitter’s (inanimate) best friend! They make knitting much easier and smoother. But what are they exactly? They are a device used in knitting to get your attention so you can do something other type of stitch or technique. As you are knitting along there are times where you need to change the stitch type or do some shaping. The stitch marker is there to remind you of what the pattern says. It can also help with counting. If you have a long stretch of knitting and have a hard time keeping track of your counting, you can place stitch markers at convenient intervals. Using stitch markers in your knitting life will reduce frustration, enable you to relax more while knitting and reduce errors on more complicated patterns. Sounds great to me! Why should I use stitch markers in knitting? You don’t technically have to use them BUT in they make knitting so much easier. Imagine knitting a long stretch of the same stitch and watching a show or kids outside. The pattern call to put a decrease in there ‘somewhere’, without a marker you’ll have to count every stitch of every row if you want the … Continue reading How to Use Stitch Markers in Knitting