How Do I Make the Time to Knit?

February 10, 2020

I really love to knit. I really love to craft. I really, really love my family and have to keep them fed, clothed and clean. I really hate cleaning my house, but I like having a clean house which means I have to clean it. (I do have a VERY helpful husband, he does A LOT around here.) I have a lot of things on my to do list in any given week, between my family, day job, kids activities, menu planning, blah, blah, blah. So how do I find the time to knit? I have to make it. With everything else on our ‘want to do’ list, I have to MAKE the TIME to KNIT.

Don’t have time now? Save this pin to your knitting board on Pinterest to read later.

Me knitting while my kids ride bikes in the background
Image of hands knitting while I'm watching a soccer practice
Soccer Practice in the late Fall

Have your knitting in a project bag with everything you need, ALL THE TIME: Yarn, pattern, needles, yarn needle, scissors, stitch markers, pen/pencil, and notebook are a good place to start.

Knitting at the Skatepark
Knitting at the skatepark, a little later in the Fall.

It is not easy, I’ll admit.

So I try to make opportunities.

I bring my project everywhere I think I’ll get the chance to knit:

Make time to knit in the car
Knitting in the car is good when it is a simple pattern or you have been working on it a while and know the rows by heart.

Anytime my husband drives on trips longer than 20 minutes, especially long trips that involve many states (this would be good for those of you out there with motorhomes/RVs)

Any kids sporting event indoors and outdoors

Doctor’s appointments with long waits

Movie theaters during the half hour of previews when the lights are still on

Waiting at the school bus stop

Waiting for my turn at the DMV

Waiting in line to pick my kids up from school

Anytime I will have to be in the car or waiting and it’s an appropriate place to knit

Activities where my focus is not needed 100%

Knitting at the BMX track
Knitting at the BMX track we found in FL on vacation. Knit shops and skateparks/bike tracks are our vacation must-dos.

Watching movies

Watching TV shows

Sitting on the couch when my husband wants to watch sports (this is probably my most efficient and productive knitting and blogging time)

Sitting at playgrounds or skateparks watching to make sure my kids don’t maim themselves

Sitting on the front porch while my kids are riding bikes / skateboarding / rollerskating / hoverboarding / ripsticking / and so on… (no need to ask, we don’t park our cars in the garage that is meant for cars)

Sitting on the back porch while my kids are playing soccer / playing catch / frisbee / football / running through the sprinkler / flying kites

Anytime I have to be waiting somewhere for something to start and it’s appropriate

In addition to bringing my knitting along wherever I go, I need to make sure I’m making the best use of my time and STOP doing these things:

Stop being obsessed with my phone

Stop being obsessed with Facebook

Stop being obsessed with Instagram

Stop being obsessed with Pinterest – this is a BIG PROBLEM FOR ME

Stop being distracted by those teaser posts at the bottom of other posts, you know the ones I’m talking about:

Top 20 Celebrity Baby Names of the Year!
Remember These Child Stars? Wait Until You See Them Now!
Remember These 80’s Fashions? Let’s Go Back in Time!

Searching through knitting patterns on Ravelry when I already have four projects going

What kinds of things do you think you can do without in order to knit more?

And just in case you were wondering, yes, my kids are in the shots. That is the most you will see of them! Call me Mama Bear. See why here.

Don’t know how to knit yet? Start here with this handy checklist to make sure you have the right supplies!

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