Do you want to be the COOLEST new knitter on the block?
But still don't know how to get the yarn on the needles?

Let's face it,
you can't knit anything without having the yarn on the needles first...

So now what? Learn how to get yarn onto your needles quickly and easily, that's what!

The technical term for getting yarn on the needles and ready to knit is called a CAST ON. Learn how to do two easy cast ons with the 'Get Your Yarn On' mini-course.

In the 'Get Your Yarn On Mini-Course' you'll learn:

  • Why beginners need to use a Slip Knot and how to make it
  • Two types of cast ons that are ideal for beginners
  • Terms that new knitters need to know
  • Tips on how to make your cast on even better
  • How to create a smooth, even cast on
  • That messing up is ok and totally expected when just starting to knit
  • BONUS VIDEO 'How to start knitting after casting on'

Buy for $38 $19 within the next 24 hours ONLY.


"How can I recommend your class to the world?!  I love it!  I'm crafty, but was not a knitter – but you changed that!  You showed me the basics with such patience and clarity.  I had trouble at first getting the yarn onto the needles, but casting on is now the easy part! You took knitting from a beautiful craft that felt frustrating, to my new hobby!  I can't wait to try my next project with you – I found the most beautiful yarn!  Thank you, Marissa!!"

- Rachel D. -

After taking this class, you can expect...

Result #1

You will figure out the cast ons without frustration.

Result #2

You will be able to create an evenly tensioned cast on.

Result #3

You will see knitting from a current knitters perspective and learn the hand movements.

Result #4

You can now learn the knit stitch to move forward in your knitting skills!

Result #5

You will feel good knowing you are one step closer to your goal of learning how to knit!

Result #6

You can teach your loved ones how to cast on. Share your new skill with them.

What if YOU don't like the course?

We have a 30 day happiness guarantee. Try the course & get a refund if:

  • You just don't like the sound of my voice (it happens)
  • You think I speak in an alien language
  • You don't like the way I teach

The fine print: If you find that you are still not learning the techniques, you can contact me for some support via email or video chat. If after a consultation it is just not clicking for you, I offer a 100% refund if contacted within 30 days after purchase.


Hi, I'm Marissa!

Having a hard time getting started with knitting or creating?

I was in elementary school when my art teacher Mom first taught me how to knit (and sew and a whole bunch of other things). I always assumed that other kids had the same resources that I did, a lot of art and craft supplies and someone to show me.

When I found out that very few friends had someone to teach them how to do fun things like art and crafting, I was surprised and a little sad. I learned how to be creative and do so many things with my hands without having to look outside my home.

In college I picked up knitting in earnest and taught myself how to do more complicated techniques. A friend asked me to teach her and from there my love of teaching has only grown. I teach in a very practical way, teaching on the yarn level, making it easier to fix issues and prevent mistakes. When I teach someone how to knit (or sew), they have learned a skill that they in turn can teach their loved ones.

"I am so glad that I tried something out of my comfort zone and signed up for that first beginners knitting class. You made it enjoyable by being so patient and helpful while always teaching with a smile. I never felt frustrated or lost like I thought I would. Your handouts and personal videos were a lifesaver for me so I could continue working during the week on items that challenged me. I also knew that if I ever got stuck on a project you would eagerly help via texts or video. You have added something relaxing and enriching to my life. Thank you so much. I am really looking forward to doing some more projects with you. Please keep up your wonderful teaching style."

- Sharon S. -

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What is included in 'Get Your Yarn On'?

  • Three videos with super detailed, repetitive & up close instruction
  • Detailed illustrations to print and keep for reference any time
  • Glossary of important terms used in the course
  • BONUS 'How to Start Knitting after Casting On' video full of tips and tricks
  • Self-paced to watch whenever you want and re-watch as many times as you need



This class is taught for right handed knitters because I am right handed and that is how I learned. If you would like more information about learning how to knit if you are left handed, please email me with questions.


This is a digitally delivered course that includes three super detailed and up close videos plus several illustrations that you can print for reference. Refer to them any time. Also, you will receive a BONUS VIDEO - 'How to Start Knitting after Casting On'.

All of these are laid out in an easy to follow format. They are available in Teachable, an online course website that makes it easy for you to find and pick up where you left off your previous lesson.


This is not a book, it is an online course including videos and printable pages. Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally in PDF format and online videos


At this time our Get Your Yarn On Mini-Course is only available in digital PDF format and online videos. You can print all the included .pdf pages and keep them in a 3-ring binder (which I highly recommend!), or you can print just the pages you need.


The Get Your Yarn On Mini-Course will be delivered digitally, via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 10-15 minutes of your purchase.

HOW DO I KNOW IF THE Get Your Yarn On Mini-Course IS RIGHT FOR ME?

Have you tried to learn how to get yarn onto knitting needles and have been frustrated with the sources available? Everyone learns in different ways and at different paces. This course can be taken at your own pace and with super detailed videos that you can pause, you'll have complete control of the material so you can learn however is best for you. This course does NOT go into more depth onto the knit and purl stitches, it is just to get your yarn onto the needles.


Knitting is awkward in the beginning for anyone who tries it. It takes some time and dedication to get your hands to move in the right way at the right time. You will make mistakes. I still make mistakes, it just comes with being human and easily distractable! If at any time you feel like it is not working for you, please contact me and I can help you.


The course is presented in an online platform called Teachable. Teachable guides you through the classes and videos in order. You can pause and rewatch the videos as many times as you need. The techniques are repeated several times in each video to reduce the number of times you need to rewatch (No judgment there!) The techniques are also done very slowly with commentary the whole time to help you understand what is going on at the yarn level.

You can let Teachable know you are complete with a section and it will mark your spot for you, that way when you come back at a later time, you can start where you left off. In each lecture of the course, the appropriate printable resources are available and close by. I recommend watching the videos and doing the sections/lectures in order.


This course is a detailed look at what a beginner should expect and needs to know to get yarn onto their knitting needles. It is very basic but thorough, beginners should learn one step at a time so that they understand why they are doing what they are doing. The regular course price is $38 but is at a discount right now at $19 and it gives you the confidence and know how to get started with knitting.


If you find that you are still not learning the techniques, you can contact me for some support via email or video chat. If after a consultation it is just not clicking for you, I offer a 100% refund within 30 days after purchase.

(Clicking, HA! See what I did there... Clicking is the sound knitting needles make. Funny? No?)

"I’m so glad I found Marissa’s course! I’ve always wanted to learn to knit but didn’t know where to start. Marissa’s course was exactly what I needed. She showed me exactly what supplies to get (no guessing), and her high-quality close-up videos made getting started a snap! It’s like she knew what questions I had and answered them all. Her course also includes professionally done PDF instructions with amazing graphics! I printed these out and put them in my bag just in case I need a quick refresher the next time I pick up my needles. I now feel confident “getting my yarn on” and I think my stitches look pretty great!"

- Anne L. -

Still not sure? Don't miss out! This special price is only good for 24 hours, so don't miss your chance to be the NKOTB.

(NKOTB means "New Knitter on the Block" - NOT the awesome boy band from the 80's/90's)