When Finished is Better Than Perfect

January 25, 2017

This is my first time blogging. Truth be told, I am not a writer at heart but I can write from my heart. I am a crafter/artist/art supply hoarder etc. I like making things with my hands, so I tend to be better at showing or teaching rather than writing it down. There will be some times when I will have lots to say but little time to type it up and vice versa. Just so we are clear on the expectations around here!

Take note: I can be very lazy. There will likely not be a new photo every time I post, too much work and not to mention I really don’t like waiting for the right light to take photos. I try to make the best of what I have time wise and tend to take short cuts. But know that these shortcuts are tested and have good results because at the same time as being lazy, I am a recovering perfectionist. Weird eh? How is that possible? With a family to feed, clothe and clean up after, two businesses to run, a house that needs painting and decor actually hung up on the walls instead of leaning up in the corner getting dusty, and all the crazy websites that I find myself reading until it’s very late (like Top 10 Celebrity Baby Names in 2016, etc.) I always end up with little time to craft, I know it’s my fault and I am working on ways to change my bad habits.

Why am I making you read all this?  I make do with what time I have to craft and that requires short cuts. I know what needs to be done to make my project perfect but I have to balance that with everything else I do.  I test out methods every time I do something and stick with what has the best results while taking the least amount of time and effort. Remember, I am a recovering perfectionist.  It is hard to just let it flow without having to make it perfect and I found a great saying that helps me remember. I should get it tattooed somewhere but seeing as I don’t like needles, having it framed up on the wall will have to do.

‘Finished is better than perfect’.

If you are the original writer of this masterful saying, thank you! Let me know and I will give credit where credit is due. Easy to remember yet hard to practice. So when starting a knitting or sewing project, think about how you can balance your day, your art and your perfectionist tendencies.  Your partner/child/friend will appreciate the hat that is finished and keeping their head warm instead of the perfect yarn and the perfect pattern sitting in your knitting bag waiting for you to have the nerve to start something that might not in fact come out perfectly.

For your information, it took me several days to figure out this first real post topic.

See? Recovering perfectionist.

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  • Reply Lynda February 2, 2017 at 1:09 pm

    LOVED this blog! You are wrong-you are a good writer. Great topic. I’ll have to remember that!! Miss your classes!!

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