My mom taught me how to knit and sew (and paint and do umpteen other things) when I was very young. We always volunteered to make favors for school class parties, had projects going on at home and had quite the art/craft stash. We watched Bob Ross regularly, went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC whenever we could, and practially bought out art supply stores on a regular basis.

Growing up as the daughter of an art teacher Mom and auto mechanic Dad, I was bound to have creative and logical tendencies. During college I studied Biology and Classics as a double major. I loved the problem solving and research aspects of science and the art and history of the ancient world. Interesting combo. By that time I had learned many different art and craft techniques, so I figured even though I really loved fine art and fiber arts, I didn’t need to major in it. Oops. Little miscalculation. Oh well. *But had I attended an art school, I would not have met my Husband nor started knitting again. I picked the needles back up in college when someone else wanted to learn and I was determined to teach them.

In my personal life, in addition to my crafting world, I am constantly trying to find better ways of doing things. I don’t like extra work, I want to do it well the first time. Mix that with some perfectionist tendencies and my mind constantly working overtime, I’m always coming up with new and improved ways of doing things.

I am married to a wonderful and very understanding man named “J”. We have two kids “E1” and “E2” who keep us busy and laughing. I don’t plan on ever showing their names or faces on my blog or social media, that will be their choice when they grow up. They will, however, be talked into modeling things from time to time, never showing their faces of course. We share our home with two cats, Leo and Leia, and a crazy Beagle mix named CeCe to make life that much more interesting!

Thank you for stopping by, let the fiber inspiration begin!


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What will you get from reading this blog?

This blog explores knitting and sewing to help students learn from the ground up, to build a solid foundation on which to develop skills. Taking a beginner and making sure they have all the skills needed to move to more advanced projects. After learning the basics, you are going to be able to teach your own little ones or friends how to knit and sew. Not everyone is fortunate to have an art teacher Mom, I’ll do my best to help you learn such that you can instill a love of art in someone else. We will also get our hands into other related fiber arts using fabric and yarn, because I just can’t help myself!

View from Mt. Washington. I’m usually camera shy, this used to be my ‘about me’ photo.

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